why you never can trust popularity junkies

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I just popped over to the place where a lot of us first met. Figured he HAD to have snapped out of his partisanship at least a little, but, no, it's way worse than I already thought. "Trump's trying to steal the election."


I remember him saying we might have to fight for Republicans' rights and was I man enough for it? I assured him I could handle it. What's the fucking point of being us if we can't be fair about this sort of thing? We're Americans. Sheesh.

Well. As my eyes landed on his still ludicrously cluttered crap website, my stomach and my heart stopped for a little squeeze, a twinge of mortal disappointment.

But I am now bucking up, concentrating on how many real adult good citizens are on this now, and trying not to flog myself for all those wasted years.

I met some damn wonderful people there and the good will lasts as long as the universe, so just buck up, nines, and do better.

pipe up any time....