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But they had to pay that three million dollars in order to get close enough to find the 160,000 objectionable ballots. Half the problem has been big city Democrats not letting Republican observers near enough to the counting to observe a damn thing but unAmerican behavior.

So don't anyone get cozy.

Especially not since Sidney Powell's filed civil suits in Georgia and Michigan.

And even more not since all hell's broken loose in Pennsylvania.

Heh. Shit's moving fast and you do well to tune out your weaponized media and remember the not-vice-president-elect has yet to quit her day job. I know it's very titilating to hear Willie talking Grease Slick should appoint himself to her vacant seat, while many others are screaming that it has to be another woman of color, but... I'm pretty sure you won't get there from here.

And, like it or not, this is a very good thing for us.

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