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About what Kary Mullis had to say about Anthony Fauci? And lest you doubt Kary's acumen, consider that he's been roundly "debunked" by "fact" checkers!

And I need to mention to all of you that I have been making my way through long playlists of British Timeline documentaries about ancient history for the holidays. I know much of it is total bunk, history written by the evil bastards who prevailed over heroes, other evil bastards and innocent bystanders alike, but there are images of antiquities and storylines that once made me brim with pity for the denizens of the past.

So many power and money mad monsters and plain folk who got squished like grapes to produce that nectar of psychopathy. I was duly grateful for my life in this miraculous country founded by enlightened men and forged by the great unwashed.

Well, sorry. I was raised by The Tooth Fairy and her husband. They couldn't imagine people of such low moral fibre. You want a life of luxury and power? Kill whoever gets in your way, even if it is a rival or a family member or some infirm dweeb who doesn't count. Don't be a loser. Be a Fauci.


AND I've said it before and I'll say it again, the dancing intensive care nurses craze is their way of saying to the world that the hospitals are NOT overwhelmed.

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