even though the supremes were wrong not take the case

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They were also right. You may recall them telling us in 2000 they never wanted another presidential election case, and the reason is: It's not the Supreme Court's job to pick our president. We should not be making them do it with our insane inclinations to cheating to get someone in office.

And our legislatures should not be so disinclined to buck the evil tide that they shirk their constitutional duty to remedy these felonies against the people.

Our founders probably couldn't foresee such profound pusillanimity in office holders. Avarice and corruption, yes, but this level of self involvement and spine forfeiture, probably not.

And, as I already mentioned, that list of amici and intervenors was reaching preposterous levels. Their clerks were going to be jumping out of windows.

So I think Texas should try the legislatures before they go off half cocked. It was a beautiful effort and absolutely constitutional, but what it really was was a declaration of impotence against psychopaths threatening them.

And none of us should forget that, this way, the case can still be taken from someone who unequivocally has standing.

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