harking back to my days in graduate school

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The one out of all the denizens of Out There who ended up teaching me the most — and I mean in positive real world ways — was Michael Rivero. I didn't outright believe him all the time. It took time for the wisdom of his words to hit home, but that's one man you should not let your mental conditioning blot out.

I can't believe how many people have had their brains trained away from Christians, and I don't mean in any evangelistic sense, that I consider one need consider or entertain any religion whatsoever when listening to or talking with anyone. I mean SO many people just knee jerk flee from any religious person's words because they've been trained to do that, because materialist scientific poseurs have been on a crusade to tear your brains away from your spirit.

Don't do that. Your vanity will be the death of us all.

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