this is enhanced to an active effort to kill patients

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If you only knew what I had to go through to get my thyroid prescription refilled, if I gave you a detailed account of the stupendous and extended series of completely innefectual attempts to keep me taking this life and death kind of hormone replacement, you would, I have no doubt, faint.

Nearly a MONTH of it. I ended up going to the ER with my empty prescription bottle and asking them to force the pharmacy to cut loose with my prescription.

Still, it was not exact and came in a number of different containers and cost a mother fucking fortune, but after cutting some of the pills in half, I have three months worth of almost exactly what I'm supposed to be taking.

My fellow Americans, innocent bystanders all, were aghast to witness it. One of them took this picture of me while I was in the middle of it.

Do not doubt that I have left out the details to spare you misery.

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