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There have been all kinds of lawyers weighing in on the import of Justice Alito setting a 9 December deadline for briefs in the Pennsylvania case... Democrats crowing [stupidly] that it signaled the SCOTUS blowing off the appellant because it wouldn't be heard until a day after it was too late, but Republicans demolishing that argument and leaving me hopeful it would obviate the need to get a couple more state legislatures to take back their constitutional duty.

But nothing's really changed except more agonizing scrutiny of more deer in headlights fretting over their personal positions and talking studies and citizen advisories and bandaid regulations until we think our heads will explode.

The truth is that your "safe harbor" date and even the date the electors vote have NO bearing on whether your state's election is deemed too illegally run and/or fraudulent to produce a president-elect before 20 January.

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