this shit makes me SO angry

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Can they not see themselves? Have they not learned these people they ridicule without let up are as big a crossection of goodness and intelligence and trustworthiness and courage and morals and expertise and dignity as can ever be found in the ranks of the secular?

How DARE they insist on this shit? This isn't a secular country. It never has been and should never be. Our government is secular insofar as it does not discriminate between any religion, including no religion.

Sometimes I think my head will explode if I have to hear some punk so shallow he couldn't drown an earthworm being snide about someone's "imaginary friend". And here's a whole collection of them who pride themselves in their tollerance being almost as intolerant as it gets... short of genocide.

Fucking shitheel idiots. I don't know how we're getting out of this without some serious bitch slapping, fellas. Gird yerseffs.

pipe up any time....