"excessive" understatement

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He could have merely stood in front of her and told her no. He could have pushed her backwards instead of shot her backwards. Or he could have done as the others did and just placidly let her through.

I know I don't have to belabor how psychedelic this stuff is, but "stormed the capitol"? We've seen the videos of people filing in through fire doors opened for them by police, everyone acting a lot like they do when the theater doors open. We've seen pictures of some freaks clowning around. We've seen some pictures of messes made in offices... some broken windows... and the yelling of people in the crowd NOT to break those windows.

Interviews with people in the crowd.

You have to be deeply dishonest to say Trump lost the election, and to say his supporters stormed the capitol. It's as deeply frightening how many are insisting on those.

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