in the time of the sensible being paranoid

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This doesn't bode well for our stomachs. Or anything else we consider essential.

If you can't picture neofeudalism, even though you've been living in it for quite a while, I suggest you read the book Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson. I read it something like 25 years ago, and distinctly remember finding it particularly lucid on the matter of where our society was heading.

And I remember hollering at a supposed union advocate who was advocating for unionizing illegal aliens back in the time of Dubby, "What!?! You propose we turn our country into a landscape dotted with fortresses surrounded by encampments of the huddled masses?"

I also remember composing an ideal government structure in response to a questionaire we'd received in the mail when I was thirteen. It was a way to better incorporate the prerogatives of government and civil rights, and wealth and poverty... to keep the constitution and a healthy and happy population. My mother thought it sounded too communist and burned it.

Snow Crash resonated so much because it was a lot like what I was wanting to head off since I was a very young girl, and my angry impatience with that nitwit "liberal" union booster came from the same core.

I guess my fundamental point has not really ever changed since I knew enough about our country and people in general to form the world view well enough to make it.

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