maybe i'm contributing to the psychedelia

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By posting the plot twists before I've explained nuances of what I know and don't know and haven't or can't tracked down, but I'm trying for an outline, a way for people to look at it and decide for themselves whenever... in time or late.

But I should add today that I saw yesterday Ted Cruz threatening to object on the 6th if his idea for a ten day showing of fraud and irregularities doesn't fly, so I don't know whether objections have to be submitted in advance or can be provisional or can be made verbally in the moment, and I do know that everyone at The Last Refuge is what you might call hair trigger on matters of loyalty to our constitution... so the question of Ted Cruz: Patriot or Politician? is still open for me.

This move by the Georgia Legislature seems to be in line with Jenna's lucid suggestion we saw earlier today, only it too puts this out to when the capitol might not be flooded with citizens who want our country back. Ideally, all the legislatures of the contested states just get it straight to put in their rightful slate of electors instead of the phony ones, and we can be done with this shit day after tomorrow.

I think that's what the Supremes want, and I know that's what The People want.

pipe up any time....