it's not a matter of opinion, sidney

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You needn't even cite case law. It's in the fucking constitution. Period.

If I seem to you to be crabbier'n usual lately, it's because of shit like this... and because my circus spotlight is currently in the no dream sleep mode. That's where I go without it for days and then a nap takes me and smacks me around with a fire hose of dreaming, with usually only bits and snatches I can remember.

I was felled by one yesterday at 5:30pm, and it only lasted maybe forty minutes, probably less, but I was dreaming of being on a succession of business calls and 86 popped in to clean my house. Every time I'd try to speak to him, he just moved to another room and so I gave up, let him clean and went back to my firehose of phone dreams.

So today I'm only a little less likely to metaphorically bite your head off than I have been for the past week.

pipe up any time....