meta woo

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Clif seems to have been moved by his brush with his own mortality to bump up to the Admiral Janeway and Granny Fussbudget level of charlatanism. Intellectual woo, if you will.

It is instructive to listen for maybe fifteen minutes because it is really true that maybe millions of humans have been caught in a quagmire by their own ignorance in this latest escallation in horrors from the globalist psychopaths, and Clif is naming names, which could save you a lot of vexation.

I just need to warn you that, despite our need for it, narcissism is rampant in the halls of intellectual woo. You should only use it to help pry your mind from consensus trance, and DO NOT yield to the temptation to respect these people.

Maybe they're not outright misanthropic — not real psychopaths — but they're certainly disinclined to unselfishness and are selling their own fantasies for fun and profit to the snobbier sectors of society, just as those named are doing to the dumbed sector.

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