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Even though I'd picked George because John was married, I was outraged to see an imposter Paul and lost interest in them after more than three years of idolizing them.

Now I'm outraged that anybody thinks this is silly or wrong, and there are so many who never even knew there was a real Paul McCartney who isn't this posturing jackass.


Since posting this earlier, I decided to look at my PID bookmarks. One's analyzing Hey Jude. One's lost her shit off the recent stolen election and media propaganda. One even disappeared his site off where he'd parked it for years. And one has added a video or two from the last time I looked.

Yet another has compressed his comparison images into one page. One of the boards hasn't updated in years, the other seems to still be happening. The one for a possible motive is only left in snips on the Beatles Bible Board. Still got the backup of the extended version of The Winged Beatle, and Mike Williams, former skeptic, seems still to be plugging along.

I will keep doing the rounds betimes, but I'm really only waiting for iamaphoney's release of the long-overdue The Revelation.

pipe up any time....