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Everyone pities me trying to keep warm here without a heater, but I'm probably not going to die of the cold at my house... unless the polar vortex comes to sit on Khoonkhwuttunne next.


Although, I might starve.

CalTrans had to close down 101 today because the single lane traffic at Last Chance Grade — from slides — kept getting held up by tourists stopping right in the middle of it to take pictures. Six cars stopped by this stupendously stupid and piggy activity got nailed by rock fall this morning and the CalTrans boss lost his shit and shut her down. So if any of us has to get south now, we have about three hours of dangerous driving to get around it.

On top of that, the state has known this was coming for twenty years and are STILL commissioning studies for a bypass. I'm thinking ferries in Eureka pick up the tourists and drop them off in Crescent City or, better, Brookings, so we can be quit of the constant flow of pinheads for good. If they want to visit our parks, they can fucking well book a tour with competent drivers to escort them.

All our mail and groceries and package deliveries go to Eureka and are then trucked up in smaller vehicles. No more of THAT until they can keep that lane clear of rock fall.

I swear, people really ARE getting stupider and way more heedless of each other with the passing of each day.

It’s SO bad, I’m beginning to think the cosmic alignment is adding to all the terrestrial negative influences.

Yeah, that sounds wuwu, but I've been looking at the effects of things like electromagnetic waves and light on matter, especially bio-matter, and I gotta a say astrology may be a lot of bunk as you find it in your daily horoscope, but it was originally based on real stuff millennia ago.

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