praise the lort for my good hearing

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But the downside of it is being subjected to the noise. This time of year, every time the sun comes out the neighbors are all at their weed whacking and mowing bullshit until I think my spirit will be squeezed out my nose from the unholy din.

Every night, instead of precious silence, I play hunky special operations guys' podcasts or old British inspectors series to smooth out the noise from 101, which is worse at night because of the lack of white noise to blunt it, and every day there are these insults from mechanisms mechanizing away at one task or another.

All on top of the waffling of neighbors' various psychic emissions.

I keep thinking noise cancelling headphones might help me, but they too are dependent on radiations, even if I could get used to wearing them and didn't sleep like such a wriggling maniac.

I just now figured out how the windows on the north side of my house keep getting chips and cracks. The weed whacking neighbor's whipping up pebbles in his flora blitzing OCD.

I am much more civilized than civilization. Clearly.

And paradise is needing to drive to visit your nearest neighbor....

pipe up any time....