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If still too partisan. The biggest chunk is for bailing out "badly run Democrat states"... and it pains me to have to say I think the Republicans are right. Having lived in California my entire life, I think I've seen enough of the way funds are allocated here to agree the feds should not bail us out.

For all the capabilities we have in our state government work force, the parties are loath to forgo the enrichment of contractor friends for the interminable studies before [not] doing anything.

Some maybe five years ago there was a big kerfuffle over bypassing the grade that has had 101 blocked this past weekend. It was because the goddam state decided it needed another study and environmental impact report before it could proceed, but they'd already DONE that years before and people were getting angry. That's just one currently acute example of California's habit of budgeting FEMA funds into their calculations. All the states are continually having to pay for our infrastructure because we have lazy fat fucks and posturing nitwits to keep wealthy and a couple million illegal immigrants to support for them.

And they're driving out businesses with ridiculously high taxes and administrative fees, while banking on FEMA fixing our highways and dams and goddam water mains.

Not that the feds in this state are any better. No. They do things like let our national forests burn down so as to stay within budget.

And if you think socialism will fix this, you're mad. It will be the final victory of the incompetent over humanity. I can hear the great Dōgen Zenji bellowing, "Stop doing and perform!" ringing in my ears right now.

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