been a rough day

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My body was kicking my ass all morning from days without thyroid hormone, but the pharmacy finally came through and I washed some down with scalding coffee. I had to drive through rain and thunder and lightning to get 'er done, and, of course, wait more, but I came out with all the contact information for THE doctor I really want the most.

I've had it with the fuckin' Obamacare clinic and I'm going to hug her ankles and beg her to take me. 99% of the time, she'll barely notice me. Just keep my prescriptions happening and be there in case of emergency, and she's an ace at emergency medicine.

Mellow. Placid even. Listens carefully. Gives good advice. Worked hard to find the best care for me that would take my insurance. Was mad the really good hospital in Medford wouldn't take it. Been more'n two years and I haven't forgotten her.

I've had it with that fancy ass shit clinic. Patients are no more than boxes to be checked... AND they even fuck that up.

pipe up any time....