from the hillary clinton school of political science

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Always double down, no matter how bad, and cheat. You better listen to Devin again on the California Democrats' politburo system. It's not really ours, and not really Democrat or Republican. It's the direct line to the globalist oligarchy, which first lit up in my brain when Hillary yammered about dodging bullets at an airport.

I'm pretty sure it was at that moment when the penny dropped, and I could look back at all the horrific deeds that never seemed to faze her or the machine so odious. So, oh, you caught Grease Slick at it again in a restaurant against his edicts? Fine. TWO masks for you. That's total Hillary, right down to the missing lip moles.

Except, of course, if I see anyone complying, I'm going full anti-Karen on 'em.

[Also doubling down hard to get back psychopath support....]

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