i don't need to see this

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You might.

It was a shitty day — wind — and it's been a shitty night — wind — and the rain is starting. I just hope the wind fucks off soon because we're going to get maybe two inches today and the wind is what makes the rest of my house leak like the mudroom does all the time. I got one 60th of a second of sleep tonight, because I had just literally dropped into the zone and my lights going out made the power glitch, and then I had to get up to restore order on my dying computer, get Barnaby back catching killers on the English countryside loudly enough to smooth out the goddam gusts of miserable wind... only for the glitch to happen again with another gust.

So I left it at two reboots and got back in bed and my goddam brain wouldn't have any more of this sleepiness shit, and no more glitches for two hours, so I'm here now and sometime before noon having to squeeze into a car with numerous ladies to get up to Brookings in the driving rain to get to the credit union and truck repair for Eve's precipitously dented brand new manly truck, and then drive her home while the other two are at the beauty parlor... because she has no right foot and has not gotten the hand controls on her manly truck yet. The dent was from trying to manage with her left foot.

So I'm driving Eve back home in her gorgeous new truck in the driving rain. My brain will give the signal to sleep, oh, say, an hour before our adventure begins? I won't bank on it. Good thing I got a little nap yesterday. Pfeh.

Christ. I think sometimes if I have even half of one more thing to worry about I will just drop dead.

Which is what my brain took up tonight as revenge for one 60th of a second of sleep and I just a few minutes ago gave up on. The list is SO long I think I ought to write it down so my senility doesn't forget to freak out when something I forgot to worry about smacks me in the kisser.

pipe up any time....