i need him to come back

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I did not call the Sheriff on my fake doctor for trying to kill me again. I would have belted him if he tried to worm out of it, and he would have tried to worm out of it.

So yet another assistant called me and woke me out of my first real dream sleep in many days to DEMAND that I come in for a blood test for my thyroid. Never mind that it's completely unnecessary. It's on her goddam checklist.

I went to the hospital to get the name of the ER doctor there who also has a private practice and the ladies at the front desk were busy treating me like a menace to their health, so I continued on to the hated clinic for the required bloodwork.

While waiting for the plebotomist to come fetch me, there was an old couple at the front desk in a state over the negative effects of their vaccinations, and a young man sitting across from me was in the middle of a fullblown panic attack from his mask triggering his claustrophobia.


Before I could start screaming, I was whisked back to the lab and poked about seven times before she could get the requisite blood. She's tuttutting about the terrible bruises she's making.

I'm covered in bandages, and the "doctor" still hasn't been arrested, and another pharmacy has lied to me about my prescription. So, yes, if I go to the Sheriff to have them all arrested, he will be disinclined, and if he's disinclined, I'll have no choice but to get arrested myself.

I did not buy any booze. No one died. But I'm having a Bronson attack.

pipe up any time....