prison planet

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It could eat nearly an hour out of your weekend but you should try these on all together and see what you can make of it.

[1] Read this PDF — not as much actual reading as it appears and the font is big — and recognize your emotional responses as you do;

[2] read this essay and also note your own emotional responses; and

[3] read this article the same way.

Is the first more apt to drive you as far back into the herd as you can go, or make you fighting mad? Is the second more apt to piss you off or make you happy? Do you find the third to be proof the globalists want Cuomo dead or evidence the media are making an attempt to regain integrity?

And those are just on the face of things. How many levels down and up can you spot?

Do you see how arguing about actuality and confirmation bias is hell realm shit?

pipe up any time....