billy was worried

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He thought she was cruising for a bruising by bad mouthing them so much, asking me, "Why is she doing that? She needs to be careful." I said, "Listen carefully to her actual words. I'm pretty sure she's trying to get them to sue her. That would be dumb, but maybe they're too sure of themselves."

So when they made a big hairy deal out of filing a complaint, I was just sure they were going to milk it for everything they could but never actually serve it, but... they served it! This is going to be a big old trough of no fun, but seems she's got 'em about exactly where she wants them.

So, Billy started out tickled that I'd pegged it, but then started being demoralized by "talk radio hosts". Doesn't matter how many times I tell him not to believe the media or any in the media who believe the media, it still seeps in and makes him worry.

They should be lined up and shot for doing this to people who love their country.

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