but it's not like that

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Humans have to stop thinking famously wealthy people are leaders and that career bureaucrats can't be bought and that hairdos on tv have any ability to discern actuality, let alone speak it, or opine in any manner not completely endorsed by the shadowy figures who pay them. Stuff like that.

We have to realize that anything can be filmed and breathlessly reported, and that taking a well-paid stranger's word for concepts they don't begin to understand can have actually lethal consequences... and drive seriously corrupt and inhumane fuckwads into ever greater positions of power.

Further, the press of incoherent balderdash on the internet is like trying to take a drink from a firehose, pixels flooding in and scouring out the inside of your skull, blasting your brains out your ears, and just because you are in a theta state while it's going on does NOT make any of it so.

Then one should consider the silliness of discussing "science" and "critical thinking" like they're things other people need to grasp and use.

Some of us keep yelling, "WAKE UP!" and you keep thinking we're being insulting.

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