i don't mean to get florid on you

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But you really need to stop being stupid about vaccines, and especially these ones, but really ALL of them nowadays. They're at best only mildly lethal, but the side effects and "unintended" consequences from them are staggering.

I just got finished listening to General Flynn saying he had to be vaccinated when ordered to be vaccinated when he was in the service, and he got the flu from every damn flu vaccination they poked him with. Now that he's retired and nobody can order him to get them, no more goddam flu.

Same here, man. Same here. And it took only once to seal my already growing uneasiness about vaccinations. Don't be a twit. There are an ever-growing number of seriously effective treatments for coronavirus, even for geezers on their last legs, and while in some cases dying from a vaccine could be considered mercy killing people incarcerated for dementia, just letting them OD on a pleasant drug would be far less satanic.

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