i've determined myself to listen

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Because I want to hear President Trump, but also because he covers the information from Techno Fog later in the hour. So just clicked in and inside a minute I found the link had skipped Trump and started straight at the FBI hijinx. I wanted to listen from the start, but as I was doing that, YouBube took it down for violating its terms of service.

What term violations would that be? Talking with Trump? Exposing the FBI?

They're not kidding.

I told you they were not kidding.

EVERYTHING for them rides on you letting them rule the world, and not just because they want to rule the world, but also because if we get our country back, they're all in jail.

We're going to need a divorce from certain services if we want to fix this, and luckily there are more roads to Rome.

pipe up any time....