i don't like it

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We now seem to have two major donation mongers for election integrity... cutting across the same lines as the split between the fundamentalist Christians and the pure political patriots, between the machine fraud and the good old hand wrought fraud, both factions seriously deserving support, but really only confusing the fuck out of the American People.

This puts me in a pickle.

I believe the only way to succeed is to stop freaking out the people who distrust or revile Christians or religion in general, but the only ones I trust to take this all the way to the mat are the ones who can't stop invoking The Lord long enough to get a solid soundbite out.

Dear Christian Patriots: Do you want your country back or to die a religious celebrity? God knows what's in your heart, is the ONLY ONE whose opinion counts, and doesn't like fame whores.

Dear MAGA Patriots: Do you want our country back or do you want to stay as hysterical as SJWs?

Dear Patriots: Do you want your country back or just an excuse to curl up and die?

WHERE can I put my energy that isn't just a stupid waste of life?

Fucking hell.

pipe up any time....