i was awakened around 5am

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By some discomfort or other and began pounding around in my pillows to lose it and go back to sleep, but then I noticed someone reciting Nezahualcoyotl to me.
Like emeralds, we gather the lovely songs. Sad is my heart. I am a singer. I sorrow because flowers are not gathered, songs are not gathered there where his home is. Only once shall they live upon the earth! Friends, let us still rejoice. O friends, be not sad. It is true the earth is nobody’s possession. None shall remain upon it! Feathers of quetzal are torn. Paintings, they are destroyed. Flowers, they wither. Everything goes to his home. Only a brief moment we wander intoxicated beside you, at your side, o giver of life. Everything goes to his home. Even flowers, even songs! Ah, what shall my heart do? In vain we have come to abide for a while on the earth. The earth is only a place of forgetfulness. In the end, only our songs, our flowers, will be remembered.
As true today as when he wrote it 600 years ago, was true even those hundred years before the vile Cortez. So, of course, I had to get up to get this down for you.

Because it never will not be true.

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