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I bet a lot of trained combatants feel just like Jurgen.
Having reportedly left life-threatening notes to several top officials, the 46-year-old man is believed to have taken several anti-tank missiles, a submachine gun and a handgun with an ability to pierce bulletproof vests from his unit’s ammunition depot. He himself is believed to be wearing the vest.
His girlfriend ratted him out, having found letters that said pretty much what we all feel, that he
“could no longer live in a society where politicians and virologists have taken everything away from us,” so he “would join the resistance and would not surrender.”
I'm pretty sure all he's done is left a lot of scary munitions around... his booby-trapped car... no overt blowing of officials' heads off or anything truly satisfying like that, and if he's remembered the pepper powder to confound the bloodhounds, will probably end up in some peaceful forest retreat where there are no batshit crazy karens or bent virologists and politicians.

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