so i needed some tea

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I finally ran out of my chic ginger peach white tea, which was often perfect for late night comfort, but I'm not big on tea, and was going to just lump it until I was checking my links and found Tony's recipes still in good working order, actually akin to organized, which you may have noticed before he doesn't do.

I found I'd forgotten about calendula. I couldn't do the Hawthorn tea because it would fight with the goddam bloodthinner, but calendula has all the good stuff in it for geezers whose tickers are feeling superannuated. So I did.

I just ordered me up a pound and if it tastes like crap, I'm going to do it anyway.

He's a maniac, but he knows his shit with complementary medicine, and I'd've jumped off a cliff more than ten years ago if I hadn't found him.

pipe up any time....