what a good idea

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Having been burnt almost to a crisp by an imposter, I think it is a great idea for famous people to leave a voice message that it's really them on their social media accounts. There are a bunch of General Flynns and Sidney Powells and James Woodses, etc, on every social media platform now. EVEN ones with the word "real" at the start of their user name, who are not in fact real at all.

They even beat the real people to the platforms, sometimes by months. They even keep doing it after the real people do show up on the platforms. It's a goddam jungle out there, and just like ANTIFA sent in provocateurs on 1/6, they do not, usually, mean well by the celebrity they are impersonating, much less you.

I think there was a guy on Telegram who merely made sure he always only posted what James Woods was actually posting on his Twitter account, but, still, what kind of rubes was he/she/it gathering in while pretending to be the star?

You might think it is sufficient for you to rat them out for the platform to do something about it, but it damn isn't... not in every instance. So I was pretty sure this was the actual, flesh and blood, General Flynn, but I appreciate the confirmation.


And, earlier, after catching up on some longer videos today, I started hitting my bookmarked blogs to see what was up. I got a goddam bright red "disinformation" message on my favorite aggregator of Out There, that made me click a couple times to actually get to the site to see it had not updated, and I was thinking that goddam red screen business was fucking harsh. The denizens of Out There are genuine, even if often completely off their rockers, and who the fuck is Google to pronounce on the quality of information anywhere anyway?

So I pressed on to Kenny's place, and, bam! That fucking red screen again AND it kept happening every time I clicked to lift a meme or to "keep reading" and it was at that point I lost my shit. I was envisioning a trip to the nearest Google Campus to give them a piece of my mind. Censoring Kenny is just a goddam bridge too far, even if Facebarf does it every other day.

So, my ticker starts in on me then, and my brain's going, oh, no, fuck you, pump and stop trying to deck me for living, and the next thought is I must've picked up some shitty little bot on one of the rarer of my anti-establishment haunts, so immediately went to scan for malware, and then I cleared the caches and histories on both my browsers and ran Onyx to clear out phantoms of every known ilk, and rebooted.

When I got back, no more red screens. Whew. Still, I thought I ought to warn Kenny about this creature. He said that he'd been getting the same thing on mine and everyone else's for a couple of hours. So. It was a glitch and/or a macabre foreshadowing of outrages to come.

I cooked myself a steak, and poured myself half a shot of bourbon to get my knickers untwisted.

Just cut that shit out you guys.

pipe up any time....