you must have and keep the WILL to overcome

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You know there are few who feel more pity and solidarity for the homeless, but [1] the demographic is no longer what it was, pitiful as it has ever been, and [2] giving them unimpeded access to our streets is not working out for ANY of us. The POINT has always been to make the homeless homeful. Not this COMPLETE abdication of adulthood and righteousness in progress all over now.

We have voted them the money to provide for the homeless every time it has come up for decades, and they have not ever used it to accomplish our ends. You don't seem to grok how all that altruism you keep voting for is going to line the pockets of corrupt politicians and their cronies and NEVER to its intended beneficiaries.

Since we're "civilized", we can't just go in and kill them, take the funds back and build the housing ourselves, but I'm sure you will agree that would FINALLY be productive of good things and a hell of a lot easier than this titanic effort that has really only, so far, kicked the problem further down the road.

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