gross strategic error

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And self-defeating unAmerican totalitarian pusillanimity. If they don't want him winning another election, they should let him roll. He's rabidly boosting his genocidal "vaccines", even now that he doesn't have to, and he is rapidly losing the support of well-informed sane people who knew how much better than the alternatives he was, but letting him do it in front of a wider audience will deflate his popular support to the point of beached whale status.

We forgave him quite a lot because we knew he was cornered, but he's not cornered anymore, and he's got the time to research the error of his ways, the lives lost to it. No more excuses.

Although, he DID win the 2020 election, by a landslide and so I do still support his reinstatement to office and the prosecution to the fullest extent of the law of the fraudsters.

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