i think the gap will widen

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All the politicos are gleeful about letting the Democrats take the credit/blame for the Commie Cough debacle and their maniacal push to get every single human not-vaccinated, but Donald Trump KNEW what was going on and is still bragging at the top of his lungs about Operation Warp Speed, EVEN as he knew full well it's just another goddam corona virus, from which the old and infirm have been dying in these numbers for decades, and that there are SEVERAL treatments for it that cure more than 99% of the cases.

He also DID NOT prosecute the Obamagate felons... stringing us along for achingly long to wring more votes out of us in 2020. Had he done it, he could have turned his attention to stopping the fraud and gotten an even bigger landslide victory over the globalist psychopaths than the one they managed to force down into forensic audit land for God only knows how long. It's SO goddam unforgivable that I suspect heavily he does not want to be reinstated into his second term, nor does he want to run in 2024. He'll be fine with king maker.

If he doesn't get the Republican Party clear of corrupted officials and operatives, not even Ron DeSantis can save us.

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