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This fellow got the Medal of Honor for flying his Huey repeatedly, many times, into LZ X-Ray in the Ia Drang Valley in 1965. It was one of the heaviest battles of the entire war and the medevac pilots were ordered to stand down because the zone was so hot.

He flew in ammo and water and medical supplies, and flew out casualties, alive or dead, black, white and brown, and a lot of men who would have died got to live because of just this one of our many outstandingly brave and devoted heroes.

He wasn't doing it for "white priviledge". He was doing it for freedom itself, for the South Vietnamese who did not want to come under communist rule, for everyone everywhere who wanted freedom. Because he was AMERICAN, and grateful for it.

You might think the wealthy ninny in the videos is a racist POS, but try also to remember that his terror of black porch pirates has been being stoked mercilessly precisely to UNDO the tolerance and solidarity between all of us that men like this hero insured would be real.

Turn off your fuckin' TVs. They're never not lying full blast to make people like the asshole in Pacific Heights. They're dumbed in school and dimmed by the weaponized media and used to undo all the sacrifice and valor and love of humankind of our beautiful heroes.

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