so PROFOUNDLY demoralizing

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I have come across this little bit, too, in a few different places today. I was going to link the TwitFace post so you could gape at her cognitive dissonance, but that — coupled with the first fifteen or twenty responses, positing that there are so many undiagnosed cases of myocarditis in kids that maybe the not-vaccine is a blessing, a way to find out before it's too late if we closely monitor our kids after jabbing them and before they die — is SO outragoue you could easily be sent screaming naked off a cliff.

Everywhere you look you see people incanting the catechism "I believe in vaccines," just as though they expect they could be burned at the stake if they don't. Some even go so far as to add that the millions of people being saved from the dread Commie Cough by this gene therapy experiment makes it worth the candle.

If you want the angina attack from reading it, just click on one or another of the TwitFace embeds at the RT link, but, truly, if you can't take the combination of homicidal wrath and mortal sorrow, don't go there.

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