this guy thinks we're winning

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They do not care. They will just lie and keep at it. The POINT is demoralization, destabilization and overthrow of the United States of America, and looking at polls has NO bearing on actuality. You have to quit thinking like this. Actuality no longer corresponds with opinions when We the People no longer control our country. The ONLY way we control it ever again is actually physically making our will manifest. That can be civilized or uncivilized, but NOTHING goes your way except by accident if you just sit there and opine.

Everyone might say they feel nines must wear shoes 24/7/365, in the default belief I will/must conform to their wishes, but without any action to enforce that, I will not wear shoes unless or until it suits me. You can call me up and ask me if I'm wearing shoes, and I will answer that I absolutely am wearing shoes, while wiggling my naked toes in the air in front of me. It's the same with your government.

You throw up your hands and let the chips fall where they may, you could as well have handed your babies over to the state at birth and called it good.

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