can't sleep?

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The MAKS-2021 airshow is live streaming on RT. I think this might be the link for it clear up through the 25th. They're ten hours ahead of us California insomniacs, so it's daytime there and there are some hot shit new jets out for show this year.

This was one night where I was not going to be insomniac, but my blissfully deep sleep was interrupted by a ten alarm need to get up and pee or suffer grievous discomfort.

So I did.

But, in a big hurry to be back in bed before the sleep wore off too much... well... I missed my bed. Yes. You read that right. I was down hard on my butt on the floor before I knew what hit me. I just leaned back against my bed down there on the floor in a little stupor of all the life-threatening ways that could have gone, but didn't.

At length, I decided to try getting up and into my actual bed in the correct format for a sleeping person, but in the middle of struggling up from the floor I realized that it had been the perfect place for me to have this calamity. I'd literally landed with the telephone right next to me, under my left hand.

I did not dial 911, but appreciated that I could have if my head hadn't been split all the way open from knocking it on the corner of my fire door desk... which might've happened if I'd tried to over-correct on my way down.

Except, of course, correct bed format for a sleeping person had no effect whatsoever.

pipe up any time....