china's getting a major bath

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And Europe's been flooded all over, while Russia's having to drum up some rain to put out their fires, and the North American west is burning down again. It's kind of weird how the west and east of Eurasia are drowning while the middle is burning, and how the west of North America is burning and the east is getting our smoke and a boatload of rain.

I think I even saw that there's flooding in Australia and no clue about the weather in the rest of the southern hemisphere, but it seems to me that half of the planet's rain is falling on the other half... well, or all of the planet's rain is falling on half of it.

I am still in abjection with gratitude to the buddhas of the ten directions for letting it be foggy here all summer thus far. Good old historic coastal weather. I don't think I'd live through a heat wave here unless they put me in an air conditioned hospital room.

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