i had given up on these two

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It's just been a total clusterfuck trying to keep up listening to them when they're all mixed in with the cacophony on Jocko's YouBube channel, and all the other podcast services were mixed up about it and there was no website for it, and unless I wanted to deal with iTunes, which I do not, I was outright SOL for my preferred listening experience, which is, just listen straight through from the start up to the current... awake and asleep. The background music for the circus.

Well, after five or six serious googlings over the last year or so, I guess Darryl's big breakthrough TwitFace thread put me smack in front of a link to an actual website at last, and it's on Stitcher which is perfect because you can set it to start backwards or forwards and it will just goddam play from the first episode up through the current one, WITHOUT making you get up or run over to click-in to each episode.

I'm on #16 now, and it's particularly pertinent to our national squabble of the moment.

pipe up any time....