i think i'm ready for my morning nap

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I betook myself to the Hiouchi Cafe around 7am to get some nutrients in me, and there was quite enough left on my plate to take care of lunch/dinner. They are very nice there and take my sleep-deprived daffodiliana with good humor. And I am grateful.

It's tourist season and they're everywhere, but particularly in Hiouchi, which has a motel right there at the confluence of monster trees and the Smith River, ergo a yimmering little clutch of earlybird vacationers at the front door of the cafe promptly at 7am. I arrived at 7:15am, which was just right to see them frying a couple dozen eggs at a time, getting the last of the opening rush busy with their breakfasts while they concentrated on making me a great mound of splendid corned beef hash with a couple eggs dwarfed atop it.

So we'll probably know how badly I hurt myself in the middle of the night after I wake up... if, of course, I wake up.

Some of you probably have an idea just how far one is separated from one's sentience after too much sleep deprivation, and we could call them right now and ask them just how loopy I am and they could testify that my intellect arrived about half an hour after I left, made excuses for me, and should be arriving back here sometime during my morning nap, in what I hope will not be too battered shape to propel me into my future.

pipe up any time....