my mother woke me up at four

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I was avid, desperate, wildly urgently, hotly needing a divorce [I'm not, nor have I ever been married.] and my mother was in court with me. The judge was making some proclamation and I was having to interrupt her from some obvious misunderstanding of the documentation provided. I was in turn interrupted in open court, by my mother pitching a fit about how I'm not allowed to do that, and ran up from her seat to yell about how I can't interrupt the judge.

I'm trying to tell her to calm down, that the judge doesn't mind a polite interruption if she's got a fact wrong. The judge is rolling her eyes, when her phone rings and she turns her back on us. Mom is still pitching her hissy, and I'm having to drag her out of the courtroom.

Mom melts away, griping, and the judge comes out and tells me she'll buy me a drink. We were having a nice time, when somehow Darlene — my fuckup rich girl best friend from high school — inserts herself into our conversation and I just throw up my hands and remove myself. Only to start hearing my mother yammering again about not daring to interrupt a judge, throwing up my hands yet again, and as I'm coming wide awake from frustration, the judge is waving at me as she is escaping Darlene as a way to wish me luck while my mother is yammering me awake.

The courtroom had been dark, and the steps in front of it had been the ones in front of my high school, and the bar had been missing a couple walls and part of the ceiling, so I'm going with the relative moving into the absolute here.

But I'm wide awake and starving with no food in the house, as usual, and I'm going to be agonizing over where to go for food for another hour or so and be almost ready to go when I will drop like a stone and the entire foodscape will have narrowed again by the time I'm finally back up.

Oh, wait! There's a hunk of cheese left in the fridge.

pipe up any time....