consider starving the beasts

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This leviathon, this condition of postal globalist psychopaths, is a vampire, a collection of them, a cabal of subhumans determined to inherit the earth, and they are not meek.

Personally, I have been forced out of my no-Amazon mode by it. Previously, no matter how pressed, I would order nothing from them unless it became outright impossible to avoid for items too pertinent to my survival, but the fucking tyranny shut down too many options.

It's time to get back on my horse.

You gotta take your money away from them, even if it's a paltry sum. Your money needs to go into a small local bank or, better, a local credit union, and the wealthier you are the better, but even if yer only able to get your Social Security check deposited there every month. Millions of us doing that will knock those fuckers down many pegs.

No big banks. For anything.

No big corporations for anything you can avoid. Go over to Etsy and see how many fellow Americans out there can sell you what you need or want in the way of clothes or furniture or whatever. Using their search function turns up some surprising stuff. The only bummer is that the best Etsy shops end up going solo to avoid the cut they take and you need to be a regular customer to be notified where they're going.

I'm sure there are other places to find almost every item you need or want, and only a little googling will turn them up for your inspection pretty quickly. Even almost all of the Amazon sellers will sell to you direct if you find them and order straight from them.

And don't be SO focused on penny pinching that you forget that your life will not end if you pay a little more for something solid and trustworthy rather than total crap that's cheap and easy. Just the difference in waste material makes it virtuous and tending toward the good of all sentient beings.

You might want to think about signing up with these guys if you have good ideas and/or an entrepreneurial bent or just plain want a stream of good ideas about where to buy whatever or who should be teaching your kids or who's breaking the monopolies on stuff you only think you can't get from anyone beside the antichrist. Even if you don't get in there and mingle, you will get a regular newsletter with links to various options for unchaining yourself from hell.

pipe up any time....