feels like red flag weather here today

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Maybe we've donated our humidity to the Dixie Fire, or maybe we're just winding up to have one of our own, but it's been over 80ยบ here at this time of the very late afternoon for a week and drier by the day. The breeze is definitely not a sea breeze just now and winding up to be outright wind.

My nostrils are hardening on me from breathing and my eyes are protesting to the buddhas of the ten directions from seeing and my damn old age flaps are all slippery with sweat from being. I feel almost exactly like every woman who has ever lived in the desert... desperate for a long soak in some healing moisturizer or other.

I think I'm about to do something drastic. I have some gin. I think I'm going to mix a little in with some aranciata rossa over ice to cool my jets.

pipe up any time....