he was actually dweeby as heck

[click image, and turn it up]


Hard to get a good picture of him, and then you needed to airbrush out the cold sores. He was YOUNG... well, actually, better to say he was young, dumb and full of cum. He kept getting arrested for whipping out his dick on stage in front of God and everybody.

And, no, I never went to see Val Kilmer impersonating him, because Val wasn't dweeby. He was a pretty good actor and waaaay better looking. It was kind of like my problem with Robert Plant sticking his package way out in front of him while he sang. Gross. TOO hedonistic. Seamy.

I actually get it now. They had to get themselves worked up into a sexual lather to make those sounds come out right. The bit with their dicks in our faces was just too far over the top for me.

I should mention that Luciano Pavarotti never had to sink that low.

But I should also mention that I liked Jim Morrison's and Robert Plant's singing nearly as much. I just couldn't look while they were doing it.

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