it's deliberate

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They're saying "incompetence" but it's deliberate.

Been listening to some retired spec ops guys, Green Berets and SEALS, talking about Afghanistan. Tu and ShawnShawn and TuMike.

General Flynn last week called it a fascist power grab. Then a few days later said the Chinese are about to pounce.

Glenn Beck, a few days ago, suggested this was a deal cut so that Burisma could get their pipeline through Afghanistan, just spitballing — making me gasp, audibly, literally — but yesterday saying he could not tell the horrific stuff that he knows yet because certain of the people he's been trying to evacuate are in jeopardy if he does.

Any further intel from him will have to wait until those people have either gotten out or been killed.

You need to be paying attention to one or some or all of these men because we really are in a very bad spot right now and it's not looking to get better for quite some time, if ever, depending on how many heads pop out of asses and when.

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