buff up yer eyeprints

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There's a link to the PDF and another one here — already taken down from original source, probably for security — for those of us whose vision can't take it from the webpage. And, yes, it's an ordeal, but your life could so ludicrously easily depend on reading it very carefully. In fact, if you can't hack it, try getting your computer to read it to you... or maybe even someone will read it onto an audio or video site.

Whatever, whatever, whatever. If you don't understand a word or concept, stop, look it up, think about it, and press onward to the best understanding you can muster. The tools online are formidable for this sort of thing. Take advantage of them.

Let someone who has processed all the evidence and literature and set it all down for you get their motive wish; to wit: that your life might be saved. That our future might pull out of this filthy quagmire. Whoever it is, they worked HARD for your very life, and you fucking well could buckle down for it.

I've been collecting links to all the research and discussion about the prion disease angle to this so that I can suss for myself how worth me scaring you to death with it might be. Believe it or not, I am loath to scare the crap out of the flaming idiots out there who did this despicable thing to themselves on the strength of their antiquated ideas about the word "vaccine".

One little tiny corner of my personality is snapping that they all deserve what might come, but, and maybe you don't need reminding, I have an extremely multifaceted and ever mutating personality. Sort of like this virus, only loving, and I just do not want the flaming idiots to suffer like that.

I really do want them to snap out of it.

pipe up any time....