he's a politician after all

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I am SO sick of Cuban Exiles and their ceaseless perfidies.

Not the least of them is the consumate smear job of a hero of the people. One cannot defend the man nowadays for the torrents of histories written by the exiles and their indoctrinated children. THEY are the ones not so opposed to murder.

It's the same kind of exasperating mess as trying to remind people that the Civil War was not fought over freeing slaves. History is written by the victors, and the outraged outcast.

Che Guevara is a hero to millions of people in the third world. More than Fidel by orders of magnitude, and more than Hugo Chavez as well. He helped, and tried to help, millions out from under the jackboots of brutal tyrannies.

There is no sense even trying to argue about it anymore. Like 9/11. Like the Civil War. It will get you nowhere and the grievously misled will feel threatened if you try.

Still, the fucking endless pressure from the wealthy Cubans in Florida keeps claiming its pounds of flesh. I wonder what payment DeSantis is getting for this....

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