they're not communists

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None of them have ever been communists. Think of it as more overt feudalism than we have seen in our lifetimes, and its goal is global control... and it is NOT China vs. the USA. It is global control vs. sovereign humans.

This is why I keep having misgivings about General Flynn and Sidney Powell being still too much about bible thumping and not enough about the dirt honesty needed to produce action. It only ever seems aimed at attracting donations to keep them getting more donations... EVEN if the donations are going to worthy causes, on top of supporting them.

Oceans of people hate organized religion because it is ONLY ever about more money for the church. There's so little actual spiritual nourishment it's almost solid mutual gratification by catch phrase with those people. USA USA USA, sayeth the Lord, over and over and over and over... in person or online.

It's not even just our country burning down. It's the entire world.

Are you warriors or garden variety serfs? Pick.

This shit has to stop NOW, not in the hereafter and not after one's fortunes are stabilized.

You're not even really a Christian unless you will drop that and do what's right. You're not even really a Christian if you will only be a cheerleader for someone else risking their life.

And who among our retired military or political elite are pledging their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to restore our constitution to its intended function?

Insult on top of outrage on top of insult on top of travesty on top of insult on top of flagrant abuse over and over and over and over and over. WHEN do you rise up and smack it down?


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