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You know, the other day my sensibilities were insulted by some glib liberal trying to make the point about how dumb/ignorant Christians are. I am SO sick of ignorant fucks pointing their fingers at good people like that. He was griping about how they blame homosexuality for earthquakes and floods.

This is actually an example of why we need to be put through this dystopian nightmare. Even granting that more than 99% of the people who believe it is divine retribution don't understand, it is still code for ACTUALITY. So they're on the right track.

Personally, I found contemplating Karma [as distinct from personal karma] more productive of the necessary insight than I ever got from the Christian canon, but when someone FINALLY sits down with the supposedly unanswerable questions and REALIZES who/what God is, it makes complete sense WHY we are where we are.

So I resent the superior tone of these cheap shots at any of the historically great modes of leading humans out of hell. No matter how much ignorance attends it, it is purer by parsecs than the puny sophistry of materialists.

I resent Christians turning every opportunity for meaningful interaction into revival meetings, I do not resent their Christianity.

People being shitty about stuff they don't, and won't try to, understand pisses me off. You gotta watch what you only call the world, because you bring that into being when you do.

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